Friday, 27 May 2016

Technic 'Mega Nudes 3' palette review

When I ask 'Worth it?' I realise I'm implying this was an expensive product. Let me set the records straight, it was £1.90 from TKMaxx. 
It was either going to be a complete bargain and join my Natural Collection £1 mascara to be a favourite or it was going to be a waste of money, but at least I wasn't breaking the bank right?

These swatch beautifully! They are quite pigmented (especially for the price) and I was especially drawn to the beautiful colours of the shimmer shades which I think were quite unique. They'd overall create a lot of different looks - you have matt brows for shading and crease colour, you have a white highlighter-like shade which actually turned out to be my favourite, and then you can mix and match with the shimmery ones.

All was well, I was happy and experimenting with my makeup. These are however not long lasting at all. I guess you'd expect that from the price but they were really disappointing and I'll insert a before and after shot to compare here below. I think it's a combination in between the powdery-ness of the formula and how it mixed with my skin oils. Perhaps they'd be better with an eyeshadow primer underneath but to be fair it seems like a lot of effort for an everyday simple look and I have better shadows that don't require that many steps. 

All in all it's quite a good palette for beginners, for playing around with makeup and finding your perfect shade but it terms of quality, don't expect more than a wash of colour after a few hours.

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